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In Work Support (IWS) is an excellent service for employers and employees as we can support employees to manage their health condition at work. This results in fewer lost days, quicker returns to work and enables the employee to do the role to the best of their ability increasing performance.

IWS works brilliantly alongside employee assistance programs as it is non therapeutic and uses practical tools to provide outcomes and solutions. We work quickly and effectively with clients and their employers to communicate needs and decide the best way forward. We are happy to meet with you to discuss this further whether it is about a specific employee or to talk about how to promote IWS in your organisation.
Mind Workplace provides consultancy and training for employers on mental health, enhancing productivity by improving business practices.
Mind Workplace will enable your company to assess how mentally healthy it is for both employees and clients and support you to make any necessary changes to ensure you are managing mental health in a way that will maximise your company's potential. For further information please follow this link

Source: Centre for Mental Health