Case Studies

Kate | Mike | Jessie

Kate works on an administration team for a university department, in a shared role which can be demanding and fast paced.

Over a period of time she found it increasingly difficult to work with the challenging behavior of her newly appointed job share colleague; Kate did not feel her line manager was acknowledging the difficulties nor providing appropriate support. Kate began to feel isolated, overly pressured and as though she could no longer go into work.  When Kate could no longer face the work situation - her G.P. was extremely supportive and was happy to certificate a period of sick leave, which Kate felt was inappropriate.  She contacted us and we spoke to her that day booking her in for an initial meeting within a couple of days.

Kate and the job retention worker discussed communication techniques, strategies and available options, including meeting with her employers and retention worker, meeting with her manager, talking to human resources.  As a result this professional support, Kate felt confident and assertive enough to handle the situation.  She raised it with human resources and met with her line manager requesting mediation be set up with herself and her colleague.  The issues are now resolved and Kate feels supported at work and confident in her ability to communicate her needs, as well as having a new found sense of assertiveness.

Using communication techniques and coping strategies discussed with the job retention worker Kate turned her situation around and now is confident in asserting herself at work.
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