Case Studies

Kate | Mike | Jessie

Jessie has worked for a large organisation for a long period of time and had two periods of long term sick leave in a 2 year period. Jessie was placed in a new role she had no experience of and was not supported or trained up which led up to the second period of sick leave.

Jessie contacted In Work Support and we discussed her mental health condition and work situation and how one affects the other.

Jessie completed the return to work plan and negotiated the hours, meetings with line management, duties and how steadily they increase.

With the job retention worker Jessie worked on her communication techniques, coping techniques to manage anxiety and how often phone support would happen with the job retention worker.

This has worked very well, with Jessie pushing herself and taking new steps each week to build up responsibilities and confidence levels. Jessie is now very aware of not taking too much on and how to communicate her needs with management..

Through In Work Support Jessie was able to negotiate her return to work and return to full time hours. Jessie received phone support from the job retention worker, initially every few days, then week gradually reducing as she became more comfortable at work.
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